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Welcome to Acuna, Mexico!

Acuna, Mexico


Cd. Acuna is a very small farming community. Growth is low and stabile, reflecting its remote location and agrarian composition. In the 2005 census the city had a population of 124,232, whereas the municipality's population was 126,238. The city is the fifth-largest community in the state.

State Description

Coahuila de Zaragosa, the third largest Mexican state after Acuna and Sonora, occupies the US - Mexico border across from West Texas in the middle portion of the Rio Grande River. It consists primarily of a vast rolling plateau traveled several ranges of hills. The climate is predominantly hot and arid, and the only fertile land is found in the valleys and depression, and is artificially irrigated. The capital city of Coahuila is Saltillo.


Cd. Acuna sits on a flat and rolling terrain near the banks of the Rio Grande River. The climate is hot and humid almost the entire year. The region experiences heavy rains at times, and is affected by the Gulf streams and the hurricane season in South Texas. Acuna's more remote location requires shipment by air, rail, or truck, the latter being by far most utilized. Airport facilities are adequate for commercial cargo, but remote locations incurs additional costs.

Regional Influence

Cd. Acuna was traditionally a trading center at the edge of the desert where area ranchers would exchange goods. It is still a very active economic center, predominantly one of banking and manufacturing. A few large maquiladoras call Cd. Acuna their home.

Proximity to US cities

Acuna is 230 miles directly southeast of El Paso / Juarez, access by State of Texas two land highway capable of handling large truck traffic. It is also 500 miles south of Dallas, Texas, and 1,200 miles east of Los Angeles, California.

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