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Top 20 Employers

Top 20 Employers, Juarez, MX

Juarez possesses some of the largest maquilas on the border, with an impressive roster that reads like a who's who international manufacturing. Some 80 members of the Fortune 500 have representation or do business in the area.

  • Thomson Consumer Electronics: 6 plants, TV manufacturing.
  • Philips of North America: 7 plants, TV manufacturing.
  • General Motors: 7 plants, automotive parts.
  • Zenith: TV manufacturing.
  • General Electric: 5 plants, heating and electrical elements.
  • Elamez: shelter operations.
  • Ford Motor Company: 8 plants, automotive components.
  • Baxter Health Care: medical garments.
  • Valmont Electric: electric assemblies.
  • Delco Remy: automotive components.
  • Johnson & Johnson Medical: medical garments.
  • Sound Design: stereos and electronic components.
  • Toshiba: TV components.
  • EWD Limited (Chrysler): automotive components.
  • Sumitomo Electric Wiring Sysytems: automotive harnesses.
  • ElectroWire Products of Texas: automotive harnesses.
  • El Paso Components (ELCOM): automotive harnesses.
  • American Yazaki: automotive harness.
  • Cadillac Rubber & Plastics: automotive harnesses.
  • ITT Automotive: automotive electronics.

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