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Recreation, Juarez, MX

Juarez Valley

Cotton is harvested around the towns of Guadalupe and Porvenir, 31 and 50 miles form Juarez. At El Sauzal, about 13 miles east along the Zaragoza Highway, there is a Petrified Forest. The trees were covered by sand millions of years ago and turned into stone through the process of mineralization. The remains of mammoth were discovered in this area in 1969.

Samalayuca Sand Dunes

The Municipality of Juarez includes the town of Samalayuca. About 30 miles south, whose beauty lies in its desert scenery, showing that it was formerly under the ocean eons ago.

Pauime Ruins

175 miles west on Highway 2, these ruins were excavated between 1958 - 1961. Provides evidence of the trade center, around the mid-13th century, of the Chichimeca civilization that came up from the south, as indicated by their Toltec influence.

Chamizal Park

A wooded area located on the land that once belonged to the United States along the Rio Grande River, near the Cordova Bridge port of entry. It has a reflecting pool, soccer field, and Olympic stadium and greenhouse.

Thoroughbred & Greyhound Racing - Juarez Racetrack

Located on the extension of Vicente Guerrero Ave. It has a colorful mural illustrating Mexican History, with the images of different heroes representing the sagas of historical eras. The Jockey Club inside offers a large variety of Mexican dishes and drinks for every taste. Dog and horse racing in season. Open Wednesday - Sunday.

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