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Performing Dancers, Juarez, MX

Monumental Bull Ring

The traditional art of bullfighting is alive and well in Mexico. In fact, there are over 225 permanent bullrings scattered around the country. You can witness the spectacle just across the border from El Paso in Juarez at the Plaza Monumental Bulking on in the spring and summer.

Many people assume that bullfights are very unfair, that the bull always loses (and dies). While this is usually true, about a quarter of bullfighters will be severely injured at sometime in their careers.

Three matadors fight two bulls each during the entire match, which lasts about two hours. Each fight can be first act, the bullfighter or torero or some of his assistants, take a few passes at the bull to see how it behaves. Then the picadors ride in on horses and push lances into the back of the bull. During the second phase of the fight, the torero or an assistant will plant three pairs of banderillas into the hump on the bull's back. Finally, the torero asks the crowd for permission to kill the bull. He then has sixteen minutes to do so or he heaves in shame.

Bullfights are held on the months of April through September. Ticket prices at the Plaza Monumental in Juarez, range from $4 to $25. On hot days, spend the extra money for tickets on the shady side of the arena. Plaza Monumental is located at Paseo Triunfo de la Republica #4630, one block from the Rio Grande Mall. Tickets can be purchased and optional transportation arrangements from El Paso at Papa's Cantina, call 915-585-8965. Due to frequent changes, please call Papa's Cantina for more information.

Lopez Mateos Charro (Rodeo) Ring

Located on Ave. del Charro. Mexican rodeo events and "novilladas," bullfights with calves.

Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium

Primarily our beloved professional soccer games are held here. Don't miss this if you are in town. Located on Ave. Rafael Perez Serna.

Juarez Country Club

The main attraction is the 18-hole golf course, includes other sports facilities and a hall with capacity for 1,500 people in the Country Club Residential area along Blvd. Gómez Morfín

Juarez Auto Race Track

Formula 3 auto races throughout the year. Located about 12 miles out of town on the Pan American Highway.

La Jolla Auto Race Track

Further out on Pan American Highway, the Int'l Formula 2 auto races are held here, which is the 2nd largest in Mexico.

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