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The National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Information (INEGI) is the Mexican government agency which measures population in Mexico. In the population and housing census for 2005, Ciudad Juárez officially had 1,313,000 inhabitants (40.5% of the population of the State of Chihuahua and 1.27% of the population of the nation). The net annual growth rate was 0.8%.

Here are some other official estimates for Ciudad Juárez:

  • Estimated current population: 1,323,482 (based on growth rate and INEGI methodology).
  • Ranking of Ciudad Juarez by size of population: fifth in Mexico first in State of Chihuahua.

Breakout of population by gender: 50.1% female, 49.9% male.

Breakout by age:
0 – 14, 32.3%;
15 – 64, 63.8%;
65 and over, 3.9% (does not include non-specified age).

Population density: 706 inhabitants per square mile.

Total urban population of the El Paso Del Norte Region (Juárez, El Paso, southeastern New Mexico): 2,300,000.

Ranking of El Paso Del Norte Region among border areas by size of population:
First(1st) worldwide.


Juarez rests between two mountain ranges and the flat river banks of the Rio Grande River. The earliest Spanish settlers dubbed the region "El Paso del Norte," or "The Pass of the North," for its geographical characteristics. The climate is hot and dry for the summer months, pleasant with little precipitation for much of the year. Its climate is ideal for many forms of electronic manufacturing.

State Description

Chihuahua, one of the richest and largest states in Mexico, share a 350 mile long border with Texas, bounded by the Rio Bravo del Norte, (Rio Grande River). The main portion of the state consists of a high desert plateau lying from between 4,000 and 4,800 feet above sea level. In the west are the Sierra Madre Occidental, slashed by deep gorges. The state has traditionally been one of agriculture and ranching. The State of Chihuahua has become 'increasingly' industrial, particularly in the cities of Juarez and its Capital, Ciudad Chihuahua.


Chihuahua is located on the U.S. - Mexico border with New Mexico and Texas, roughly mid-point of Mexico's northern edge. Juarez is the geographical mid-point of the 2,000 mile long U.S. - Mexico border.

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