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Tourist Transportation, Juarez, MX

El Paso - Juarez Trolley Company

This company offers daily trolley service form downtown El Paso on a route through Juarez. These rubber-tired trolleys stop at most of the major attractions including the City Market. Air-conditioned trolleys depart El Paso every hour from mid-morning to late afternoon and following the same route through the city. One can get off at any designated stop and hop back on a later trolley. The drivers are knowledgeable, helpful and humorous. The price is $12 per person, children ages 4 - 12 are $9; under 4 years are free, for all day pass. Your ticket gets discounted parking at the Civic Center in downtown El Paso, where the trolley terminal is located. Call 915-544-0061 or 800-259-6284 for information and reservations.

Taxi Cabs

One will find taxis at most of the tourist areas in Juarez, so they can be used to get around the city. Some drivers speak good English, some do not. From the downtown bridges, a quoted fee of $7 to ride to the City Market, which is less than a mile, and $9 to the Plaza de las Americas, which is about four miles. The fares are negotiable and are the same for one person or a full vehicle. Always negotiate the price of your trip ahead of time.

Tour Companies

Several private companies offer scheduled and customized tours of Juarez. These companies can be a good way to get a little bit off the beaten path, yet still have a guide. Prices, services, and quality will vary. Call ahead and ask lots of questions. Be forewarned, El Paso Hotel personnel are frequently paid a commission to book tourists with a particular company. One of the more established companies is Rancho Grande Tours, call 915-771-6661 or 800-605-1257.


It is a quick walk across the Santa Fe Street Bridge in downtown El Paso onto Avenida Juarez in downtown Juarez. If one drives their own car in El Paso, take Santa Fe Street south from I-10 in downtown El Paso. As one approaches the border one will see several small parking lots with attendants trying to wave one into their lot. Prices range from $2 - $5 per day for parking. Meters are available on some streets near the bridge. This area may not be safe late in the evening, so park near the bridge or find other transportation if one plans coming back late. There is a nominal toll (under 500) for pedestrians crossing each way on the Santa Fe Bridge. Immediately across the bridge on Avenida Juarez, one will find stores and restaurants catering to tourists. The City Market, The Guadalupe Mission, Cuauhtemoc Market, and the History Museum are all within a one mile walk from the bridge. Walking is not recommended over the Bridge of the Americas or the Zaragoza Bridge because the most popular destinations are not within walking distance of these bridges.

Driving in Juarez

It is possible if one is a little adventurous to drive one's vehicle into Juarez. Most of the main tourist spots are on major roads that can be located relatively easily. No special paperwork is needed to drive your car into Mexico in the free trade zone, which is within 30 kilometers of the border or 20 miles. One will need to purchase special auto insurance. Some US car rental companies will allow you to drive rented vehicles into Mexico.

Automobile Insurance in Mexico

Most US automobile insurance policies do not cover cars in Mexico. We strongly recommend that one does not drive in Mexico without proper insurance. Several companies including AAA and Palms Mexico Insurance can provide short or long term insurance for travel to Juarez and beyond. They can also explain the details of Mexican law. Palms can also arrange great tours to Mexico's spectacular Copper Canyon. Call Palms at 915-533-0062, or AAA at 915-778-9521.


Almost everywhere one drives, one will encounter these parking attendants. Granted, one can probably maneuver one's car in and out of a parking place without their waving hand directions, but they also look after one's car and feed the parking meters in one's absence. A small tip, around $1, plus money for parking meters is appropriate either as one arrives or leaves.

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