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Workforce, Juarez, MX

Demographic Impact

Although the population of Juarez is predominantly youthful and undereducated by U.S. standards, the employable workforce can be characterized as energetic, industrious, talented and trainable. About 31% of the population is under age 15, the maquila industry employs approximately 6,996 of the total workforce. Growth rate is above average for border communities.

Employment Considerations

Currently almost 154,000 people are employed in 242 Juarez maquilas.

Unemployment Percentage

El Paso averages 10 - 12%; Juarez 5 - 8%, representative of its abundance of maquila jobs

Availability of Labor

Population and demographic projections still point to above average growth, as expected to accompany increased trade, border migration and higher birth rates. Juarez will continue to offer new businesses a large and skilled labor pool for the next twenty years.

Skill Ranking

High technology operations can be found in a great number of Juarez maquilas, and recent new locations have added even more complex process. Skill ranking are arguably the highest anywhere along the border.

Education and Training

English is taught in all primary and secondary systems and Juarez citizens have access to the Autonomous University and Monterrey Technical Institute. Many maquilas provide additional training to workers, including residency programs at locations across the United States.

Turnover Rates

In general terms, turnover is higher in Juarez because of a wide variety of labor choices for workers and competitive wages paid for higher skill levels. Estimates typically run 5 -15% per month for advanced operations like electronic manufacturers. Lower turnover rates are experienced in those plants that have located in newer industrial areas, closer to the housing growth and labor source.

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