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Utilities, Juarez, MX


Mexico had 49.6 gigawatts of installed generating capacity in 2004. The country generated 242.4 billion kilowatt-hours (Bkwh) of electric power in 2004. Of the total generated, 82 percent came from conventional thermal sources, 10 percent came from hydroelectricity, 4 percent came from nuclear power, and 4 percent came from other renewables. Mexico’s Energy Secretariat (Sener) forecasted that Mexico will need to spend $51 billion over the next decade to meet growing demand for electricity, entailing the construction of 28 gigawatts of additional generating capacity.

Mexico's Electricity Generation by Source

Juarez Industrial Facilities

In general, outside of the restricted area ( a strip of approximately 60 miles wide along the borders and approximately 30 miles wide along the Mexican seashore) acquisition by foreigners of real estate is allowed.

  • In the restricted area, foreign-owned Mexican corporations may acquire real estate property so long as it is not residential property. In this case, registration of the acquisition with the Ministry Relations is required.
  • In case of residential property of foreign citizens or corporations, a trust will be required in the restricted area. A Mexican bank will act as the trustee. Authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Relations must be obtained beforehand. The trust will be good for 50 years and may be renewed.
  • The authorization (in the case of trusts) must be granted or denied within 30 days. The registration shall be granted or denied within 15 days. Otherwise the authorization or registration will be considered granted.
  • Existing foreign-owned Mexican corporations which have real estate trusts in the restricted area may enjoy the benefits of the law to the extent that the trust may be for 50 years and that the trusts may be changed to fee simple absolute status.

Water and Sewage

Water is paid directly to the Treasury of the Federal District, or of the state where you live. Most state governments, including the District, allow you to pay at the branches of major banks. It is charged once every two months.


The Mexican tax system has been subject to comprehensive tax reform legislation. This legislation, enacted principally in 1986, 1988 and 1994, has dramatically changed the tax laws in an attempt to make the system competitive with the tax systems of Mexico's most important trading and investment partners as well as with the systems of countries competing with Mexico for foreign investment.
The principal taxes payable by individuals and by corporations operating in Mexico and, in certain cases, by foreign companies, are those levied by the federal government.
State and municipal governments have more limited taxing powers and until now have never levied general corporate income taxes; some states tax employers on salaries and professional fees paid by them. The principal taxes are as follows:

  • Federal Taxes:
    1. Taxes on income, including a minimum tax based on assets held;
    2. Value-added tax;
    3. Import and export taxes; and
    4. Payroll taxes, social security premiums, mandatory retirement savings system, and contributions to the National Workers' Housing Fund.
  • Local Tazes:
    1. On real property;
    2. On salaries; and
    3. On acquisitions of real property.

Natural Gas

Natural gas, where required, is pumped from trucks that prowl the streets every few weeks (depending on the company and the area of town). Because there are a number of concessionaires, it's best to ask the neighbors when they visit. Their rates are set by the government and the amount should be clearly stated somewhere on the outside of the vehicle.

Industrial Parks



Cost in Juarez










Right to water conection JMAS



Federal Right C.N.A.



Cost of Land



Construction Cost



Property Tax



Notes: Exchange Rate=$11.426
Source: SID MArketing Direction and PICH, CNA.

US / Mexico Cross Border Telecommunications

Depending on a customer's locations within the USA and Mexico, a typical 56k / 64k data circuit from the El Paso airport industrial district to a major maquila industrial park in Juarez, the cost will be approximately $900 - $1,000 per month with one time charges of approximately $3,000 - $4,000. For a T-1 / E-1 data circuit, the cost will be approximately $3,000 - $5,000 per month with one time install charges of approximately $10,000 - $15,000 or more, depending on if existing network facilities are already available to the Mexican customer premise. Realistic installation time intervals are 60 to 120 days from ordering the cross-border circuit and the Mexican local loop.

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