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Federal Assistance

Dislocated Worker Retraining

The federal government is funding millions of dollars of job retraining in El Paso for workers whose jobs have gone offshore. These funds can be used by training providers for the technical skills training, basic and employability skills, English as a second language, and GED instruction for up to 18 months of training. El Paso uses these funds to provide both customized training and ongoing training programs to supply replacement workers.

El Paso Prep Fund

El Paso PREP (Proactive Reemployment Project) - The U.S. Department of Labor awarded the El Paso community up to $45 million to fund an "employer-driven" retraining program for trade affected displaced workers. El Paso PREP funds can be used for industry specific training, on-the-job training, off-site customized training company specific on-site training, and entrepreneurial training. El Paso PREP is geared to reinvent and reinvigorate employment and training system for the benefit of both employers and workers in the region. El Paso PREP is a tenant in the new Chamber of Commerce Foundation's 96,000 square foot building located in east El Paso.

City of El Paso Enterprise Community

The City of El Paso has two federally funded Enterprise Communities in the northeast and the lower valley of El Paso. Using federal dollars, the City can fund customized training for EC and residents for companies in existing or new jobs. The City can also assist businesses in obtaining tax credits for hiring EC residents, as well as provide other services to companies locating in either Enterprise Community.

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