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Welcome to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico!

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico


As of January 2005 the population estimate for Nuevo Laredo and its immediate surroundings was at 500,000 people. Growth is rapid, accelerated by migratory immigration into South Texas. 1996 US census counted 182,239 in the City of Laredo, Texas, sister city to Nuevo Laredo; and 161,130 in Webb County, Texas.

State Description

Tamaulipas, "high mountains," borders southernmost Texas and possesses long stretches of beaches and lagoons. In the west, arid mountains and tropical valleys of Sierra Madre Oriental, to its north are plains. Northern population still reflects migration from the interior, southern portion still consists mainly of Huastec Indians, descendants of a Mayan Tribe.


Nuevo Laredo rests between two mountain ranges and the flat river banks of the Rio Grande River. The climate is hot and humid almost the entire year. The region experiences heavy rains at times, and is affected by the Gulf streams and the hurricane season in South Texas.

Regional Influence

The Nuevo Laredo - Laredo International crossing is the busiest in term of commercial trade between the two countries. With four active bridges, Laredo's crossing capacities are impressive. In 1996, 423,604 loaded trucks crossed southbound through Laredo, an increase of 22% over the previous year. Another 260,400 loaded trucks came across northbound. The two cities inaugurated the Laredo - Columbia Solidarity Bride in July 1991, alleviating pressure for the construction of a fourth international bridge.

Tamaulipas is best known as a corridor for transport and trade into the interior of Mexico. State economy is one of the busiest in all of Mexico. PEMEX is the dominant business employer, with a legacy of corruption, political turbulence and renowned labor movement.

Proximity to US cities

Once crossed over, one of the two International Bridges into Laredo, Texas: 150 miles East to deep water port of Corpus Christi; 150 miles North to San Antonio, Texas on I-35; and 580 miles East to El Paso, Texas.

Proximity to Mexican Cities:

Monterrey- 143 miles; Saltillo- 196 miles; Torreón- 454 miles; Zacatecas- 440 miles; San Luis- 477 miles; Leon- 593 miles; Guadalajara- 620 miles; Mexico City- 740 miles; and Puebla- 793 miles.

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