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The Workforce

Nuevo Laredo, MX- Workforce

Demographic Impact

Lack of available labor pool has traditionally been Nuevo Laredo's greatest detriment to adding new Maquiladoras. City still serves as a transfer center for north and southbound trade.

Employment Considerations

Currently (2005) approximately 25,000 people are employed in more than 45 Nuevo Laredo maquilas. More than 7,500 workers are employed in automobile-related assembly and manufacturing.

Unemployment Percentage

Laredo averages 10% - 12%, Nuevo Laredo 5% - 8%; representative of its limited labor pool.

Availability of Labor

Still difficult to address in terms of family stability and growth, family migrations to South Texas were stalled due to the US Economic Recession and stall of the Texas Economy in the late 80's. Population and demographic projections still point to above average growth, as expected to accompany increased trade, border migration and higher birth rates.

Skill Ranking

A number of larger maquilas have located in the Nuevo Laredo since 1992, though most still provide minimal levels of technology transfer to the local workforce. Sony is the limited exception in Nuevo Laredo.

Education and Training

A successful training center with Laredo Junior College has been supplying skilled technicians to Nuevo Laredo maquiladoras and support organizations, for the past several years. A number of training schools exist in Nuevo Laredo. Approximately 100 young engineers receive a bachelor’s degree every year from the Nuevo Laredo’s Institute of Technology. This college graduates are widely hired by maquiladora plants. Students are trained with U.S. textbooks, majoring in production, electronic, mechanical, computer systems and industrial engineering.

Turnover Rates

In general terms, turnover is lower in Nuevo Laredo because of a smaller labor pool and fewer choices for workers to find other job sites. Estimates typically run 5% - 8% per month.

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