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Trade Adjustment Assistance/ NAFTA

The Trade Adjustment Assistance Act was enacted in 1974 to assist workers dislocated due to foreign imports. Either a company official, union representative, the state Rapid Response Coordinator, or three affected workers may apply for a certification from the US Department of Labor to obtain eligibility for affected workers. The NAFTA-TAA program was repealed and is now included in the Trade Act of 1974 as ammended on November 4, 2002. Any NAFTA petitions approved prior to November 4, 2002 are handled under the NAFTA rules and regulations. Petitions filed after November 4, 2002 fall under the Trade Act regulations of 1974 as amended.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance Program is federally funded and was created to assist workers dislocated due to foreign imports or the transfer of production to Mexico or Canada. The program offers great benefits including money for retraining, and reimbursement of job search and relocation expenses. It also provides monetary benefits, also known as TRA or Trade Readjustment Allowance, for those who enroll in TAA approved training. The TRA are Special income benefits available to workers who lose their jobs or whose hours of work and wages are reduced as a result of trade imports from other countries.

You can download the Petition for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). A petition may be filed by a group of three or more workers in a firm or by their union or by the employer. The NAFTA-TAA petition for New Mexico groups should be mailed to: New Mexico Department of Labor, Attn: Supervisor, FSB cc#1075, P.O. Box 1928, Albuquerque, NM 87103, Fax (505) 841-8467.

If you need help filling out the petitions or want more information on the TAA Program contact your local Workforce Center or call (505) 841-8033.

To see the brochure on "Getting Back to Work After a Trade-Related Layoff" please simply click on the underlined title.

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