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Welcome to Saltillo, Mexico!

Saltillo, Mexico


Saltillo is the capital city of the northeastern Mexican state of Coahuila and the municipal seat of the municipality of the same name. As of the 2005 census, Saltillo had a population of 633,667 people, rising to 725,259 if the full Metropolitan Area is considered, making it the 20th biggest metro area in the country. The metro area comprises the municipalities of Saltillo, Ramos Arizpe, and Arteaga. The municipality of Saltillo had a population of 648,929.


El Cerro del Pueblo (The People's Hill) and its 13 ft cross overlook the city. The city's elevation is 5,200 ft, making it cooler and windier than its neighbor city, Monterrey. Saltillo lies near the city of Arteaga and near the Chihuahan Desert.


Saltillo Metropolitan Area air traffic is served by Plan de Guadalupe International Airport. It takes 15 minutes to get from downtown Saltillo to the airport. It has several flights per day to Mexico City and a daily flight to Houston, Texas. There is a comprehensive bus system in Saltillo along with many taxis.

Proximity to Other cities

The geographical locating of Saltillo is its competitive advantage. Here in the heart of the runner of the business of America, you will have the ready access to various markets, centrals and universities, as well as to the hundreds of potential suppliers.

In Saltillo, the world is more nearby. The highways permit to arrive at Monterrey and Laredo in less than one and three hours. The International Airport has daily flights to Mexico City and Houston, Texas. Distances from Saltillo to other cities are as follows: Piedras Negras- 431 km; Torreon- 270 km; Chihuahua- 721 km; Mexico, D.F.-864 km; Monterrey- 83 km; Tampico- 613 km; and Altamira- 582 km.

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