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Welcome to Tijuana, Mexico!

Tijuana, Mexico


Tijuana is a sprawling metropolis of over 1.5 million people, located 17 miles from San Diego across the US - Mexico international border. Growth is excessively rapid, at about 7% per year, accelerated by legendary illegal immigration into Southern California. The city has become the television manufacturing capital of the world as well as important electronics cluster, and is becoming increasingly attractive to industries needing to adapt quickly to market conditions. In 2000, the median income was reported at $9,812 per year.

State Description

Baja California Norte, or BCN, encompasses the northern half of Mexico's Baja peninsula. It is a region that depends largely upon its industrial base, commerce, fishing, agriculture, and of course a booming tourist trade. Major cities include Tijuana, Tecate the state capital, Mexicali, and the Pacific seaside city of Ensenada. The bulk of the migration by illegal immigrants comes not from Baja, but rather from Central America and the interior of Mexico following a centuries old trading route north along the eastern side of the Golfo de California, in the Mexican State of Sonora.


Westernmost border state of Mexico, possesses long and mostly beautiful Pacific coastline. Tijuana sits in its northwestern corner, along the Pacific Ocean and the US Border. Tijuana communicates with the rest of Mexico through Highway #2. It's proximity to San Diego enable immediate access to the State of California and North America.

Regional Influence

Best known as corridor for transport and trade north and south across California. Massive tourist traffic south from the US; unchecked illegal immigration seeking jobs in San Diego and Los Angeles north. Oceanside resorts and fishing villages dot its western and southern coasts.

Maquiladoras grew from smaller assembly shops that were established by California based businesses. Tijuana has the largest number of maquilas, but they employ relatively few workers in each. Maquila growth was fueled in the early 1980's by Silicon Valley based computer and electronics assemblers, and the late 1980's by Japanese, then Korean, television and electronics manufacturers.

Proximity to US cities

Once crossed over the 32 - lane San Ysidro International Crossing into Southern California: 15 miles north to San Diego and port facilities; 85 miles north to Los Angeles on I-5; and 733 miles east to El Paso, Texas and mid-point of the border.

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